Data Science & Analytics

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Be part of our revolution of making Data Science & Analytics mainstream.

We at Pexitics have started the POP DS (Productivity Optimisation Program) for Data Science, where any company – big or small- can engage with us for any requirement around Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Mining, and Machine Learning.

We enable your journey into Analytics to optimize ROI and enable Intelligence amplification.

Our Offerings

@ Analytics and Data Science Projects

@ Intern and Learn – Practical training

@ Mentoring of Data Science teams for increased productivity

Our Areas of Expertise

Sales, Leads Optimization, Google Analytics, Website Optimisation, Interactive Dashboards, Research, and Surveys. Cross sell & upsell models, Telecalling optimisation, and E-commerce recommendation engines

Operations Analytics, SCM and Demand Forecasting, Predictive Maintenance, Inventory Optimisation, Logistics Analytics, Warehouse optimizations.

HR and People Analytics: PPE (Performance, Productivity and Engagement Dashboards), Attrition models, Engagement and Needs surveys,

Banking and Financial Services: Marketing, Sales, Risk, Credit, Governance, and Fraud analytics across Retail and Corporate Banking.

Subhashini Sharma Tripathi


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