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Pexitics Intern and Learn Program September 2020

At Pexitics (People Excellence Indicator Analytics) we have started a ‘Finishing School for Data Sciences’ covering Analytics, Data Science, Data Mining and Machine Learning. A rigorous 3-month initiative, we handhold the transition of a student to a professional.

I would like to introduce you to the Projects and Interns of Sep 2020.

We are looking for mentors with 10+ years of experience in the industry who may want to be kept updated about the project and would like to spend 1-2 hours reviewing the same towards the end of the project. I am sharing the LinkedIn link of each Intern and will request you to put a comment below / reach me at +91 7349662320  if you are interested to become a mentor.

This initiative is part of our POP DS (Productivity Optimisation Program for Data Sciences) for corporates. If you are looking at Talent solutions for your Analytics , Data Science, DM, ML teams, do check out https://www.slideshare.net/subhashinitripathi/productivity-optimisation-program-for-data-sciences

Project 1 : Did the BSE Sensex get affected by the Corona Virus related death news in the English Newspapers in India ?

Expected steps: Web scrapping ; Creating numeric data ; Running correlations ; Creating Insights

What the Interns say:

1. Brief Introduction:

Hello, My name is Karandeep Gehlaut (https://www.linkedin.com/in/karandeepgehlaut3/)

I am Data Scientist, who has studied under Manipal Prolearn PGD Data Science programme with the current CGPA of 8.85. Prior to that I have completed my Mechanical Engineering with First Class with Distinction.

 My passion for Data Science started with the movie Moneyball, that accurately represents the power of data correctly analysed and utilised into real word solutions, and grew as I realised it’s true scope in today’s world. I hope to reach the proficiency level in my career where I can apply data science to solve large scale problems affecting our planet.

I was born in Haryana and then settled in Goa in my early childhood. This allowed me grow with a multi cultural background and develop and appreciation for other cultures.

Three achievements that best describe me and I pride myself in are:

I took part in creating a successful start up that was up and running for 5 years. A successful counselor who helped a friend get through and recover from depression. A traveller who has driven through most of the country India to explore and experience different cultures and cuisine..  

2. Which Project did you choose and why? 

I chose Project 1 titled: Did the BSE Sensex get affected by the Corona Virus related death news in the English Newspapers in India?

My reason for choosing this project lies in the fact that I have an avid interest in the Bombay Stock Exchange, that I have on occasion invested in as well. Corvid 19 has affected our whole world on a massive scale with adverse effects. The study and analysis  of COVID 19 and Its news, and the effect that they had on the BSE Sensex is fascinating. This allows us to recognise and interpret how real life problems affect the Sensex, as well as how news and other forms of digital information can have an impact on the BSE Sensex

1. Brief Introduction 

Hi,I am Feenan Critz Fernandes (https://www.linkedin.com/in/feenan-fernandes/ ).I was born in Oman and came to Goa, India when I was eight, I hold a Mechanical Engineering degree and joined the field of Data Science purely from my desire to learn and excel to create a better version of myself and to  contribute to society with discovery, insights and innovation.I love telling stories with data and using data to help bring that data to life. As a data scientist I can turn seemingly meaningless data into a recommendation to help a company improve its product, services, or experiences. This can help a business grow or get more clients.I am a technophile. I love using the latest and greatest technology. Whether that is hardware or software, I enjoy getting my hands on with these new technologies to see how that can enrich our lives.

I began my Data Science journey with the PGD in Data Science course from Manipal Prolearn where we had the honor of studying under you (https://in.linkedin.com/in/subhashinitripathi) for the Marketing elective. I have a CGPA of 8.25 and am awaiting results for the Final term.

2. Which Project did you choose and why? 

COVID-19 is not only a global pandemic and public health crisis; it has severely affected the global economy and financial markets.It has become clear that most governments in the world underestimated the risks of rapid COVID-19 spread.

The project we have chosen is Project 1: Did the BSE Sensex get affected by the Corona Virus related death news in the English Newspapers in India ?

This is an interesting project as it can show us the correlation between the financial markets and the sentiment of the news provided by the media and how digital information affects the real world.


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