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The data can be obtained from job sites and newspaper sites like Naukri, LinkedIn etc. through web scrapping.

Pexitics (People Excellence Indicator Analytics) we have started a ‘Finishing School for Data Sciences’ covering Analytics, Data Science, Data Mining and Machine Learning. A rigorous 3-month initiative, we handhold the transition of a student to a professional.

I would like to introduce you to the Projects and Interns of Aug 2020.

Note : We are looking for mentors with 10+ years of experience in the industry who may want to be kept updated about the project and would like to spend 1-2 hours reviewing the same towards the end of the project. I am sharing the LinkedIn link of each Intern and will request you to put a comment below / reach me at +91 7349662320  if you are interested to become a mentor.

This initiative is part of our POP DS (Productivity Optimisation Program for Data Sciences) for corporates. If you are looking at Talent solutions for your Analytics , Data Science, DM, ML teams, do check out

In the words of Raghuveer , lets hear about his project

“It is evident from the below survey I conducted on LinkedIn that Data science professionals are in demand even at the time of Covid, when companies are laying off their employees. Forbes has published an article in August 2020 on the same theme ‘Data Scientists Salaries and Jobs Immune to Covid-19, Survey Finds’.

My endeavor is to understand the salaries of these skilled professionals in the job market and the factors that are influencing the compensation.

Objective is to study and understand the salaries of data scientists based on their designations (Exp levels), Location wise, Educational background, Industry and the kind of companies these professionals are working for and also which are the variables or the factors that are influencing the compensation.

With this analysis we will be able to understand how the salaries have been spread across at different levels (0-2,2-5,6-10,11-15 and 16-20) of experiences. Which are the industries using data scientists mostly for their decision making. The skills which are being paid well in the market with educational background and have they pursued any certification courses to enhance skills and their salaries accordingly.

Collecting and organizing the data: Data collection is one of the important aspects and the most time consuming for any analysis. I have used web scraping chrome extension to collect to the job postings in one of the popular job portals Naukri to get a basic understanding of the skills required, experience levels and which are the locations most positions are posted. Also, able to collect the candidate data from Naukri portal with years of experience, salaries, Designations, locations, qualifications, current companies and the industries they belong to.

Visualization and analysis: Visualization and analysis is the most exciting part as we will come to know how the data has been scattered with histograms and box plots which helps in further data analysis. Also helps in administering the best statistical tools to use for further analysis. I have been using XL STAT which is an add- in and awesome tool for statistical analysis and visualization.

I have been a HR professional with focus on recruitment for more than 15 plus years and data has been one of the important aspects for building metrics, knowing the status, efficiency and effectiveness or even predicting certain aspects. Data has always been an area of interest and I also firmly believe that a Recruitment professional should be good with data and numbers.

It has been a pleasure and excited about the project internship I have started with Pexitics-stands for People Excellence Indicator analytics, which is an HR and Analytics organization and help companies meet KPIs in the space of People management. 

Evidence-based management has been a buzz word for some time and the management or people’s decisions should be supported by data inferences for better results. Most of the large and Midsize companies are still in the initial stages of their journey to analytics and Pexitics could be the solution for them.

I would like to thank Ms. Subhashini, founder of Pexitics for giving me this opportunity to learn. though I have some basic knowledge of analytics and a real-time project can enhance my learning and understanding of analytics!

Please get in touch with Ms. Subhashini if you are keen in learning and enhance your practical knowledge in data science and even, they are helping out with the concepts of Data science/analytics, how to present your data, documentation and analysis as well. Anyone can get in touch with me on my LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/raghuveer/ and reach out to me at 9966318333 for any further details.”


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