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Data science is booming because data is booming every app every task is generating data and   storing it.  Fun Fact:  in today’s world, it is more costly to delete data than to just store it in the cloud. How do you figure out which data could become your goldmine?

Now we all know that a good data scientist would @ understand the business problems @ be good in coding and @ manage to give us insights which are implementable and will increase ROI.

Phew, tall order. The hiring team hears it and wonders – Where do I get such a person because with fresher data science people needing a large amount of guidance – not on the coding but on the understanding of a business problem as well as the types of solutions that would work for the business, the requirement is for a Mr Know It All. Someone who knows enough to be able to understand the business problem hey as well as to decode the final outcome so that the business team can work in the right direction.

Does we find a huge gap off salary between a fresher who is ready to start at 2.5 Lakhs, to a somebody with 2 to 3 years’ experience- who can command a salary of 20  Lakhs search you jump mix a lot of people especially from technology backgrounds wanting to move into data science after all they’re so good with coding. And they are very disappointed because they have to start from scratch, as a fresher, in the Data science team.

How can they make their earlier experience count? As they say, you must burn your hand to understand pain. This is where the Intern and Learn program fits. I strongly feel that people making a shift into Data Science should do a mentored Internship, where they go through a Project life cycle. Your worth and understanding during the interview process is the sure shot ticket to a great Analytics and Data science job .

Check out the Intern and Learn Certificate program as a great way to get the corporate world to notice your project and endorse your skills and project. Build your Data Science Portfolio with us today !

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