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Business managers especially in sales teams understand benchmarking competitor understanding and basket of offerings as terminologies. They use it abundantly in the workplace. However, these same business managers struggle to create a basket of team mates , understand competition salaries for certain competencies and use benchmarks to hire and grow their teams. Why is this ?

Perhaps a small input and some guidance with analogies can enable them to use their business practices effectively – as team management practices. At Pexitics, we have an opportunity to work  with teams and empower their managers to use a mix of numbers and intuition to create winning teams and maximizing productivity .  

Here I am covering a case study where we did a LOOK ALIKE model to help the Business team hire people at an Assistant Manager level who fit the organization’s definition of a GOOD hire : A fresher from a Business School who 1. Was rated 4 and above in their yearly performance appraisal 2. Stayed with the company for at least 2 years.

In this project the HR team was the facilitator, and the Business Head was the owner / customer. The process followed was simple:

  1. We looked at all the hires with 2+ years in the company (and at least 1 Performance appraisal cycle)
  2. College name and other demographic features were not considered – to avoid regional and other bias.
  3. Equal number of GOOD performers and NOT GOOD performers were put through a Competency Assessment – 60 candidates in total. This part of the project cost INR 60k and 2 days using Pexitics Assessments and Surveys platform.
  4. The Appraisal data was merged with the Competency Assessment data and a final dataset of Attributes , Competencies, Future Potential of growth and Performance in current role was created.

Insights of the Process: A deep dive of the data revealed the following :

  • Performers were high on People Centricity. Surprisingly, people who were very high on Numerical and Logical skills were mostly in the NOT GOOD pool. This was contrary to the current Hiring process and a BIG point of change.
  • A benchmark score (minimum score ) required for 9 Competencies was listed down for the Business and Hiring teams to consider in the future hiring / internal movements.
VariablesCorrelation coefficientAbsolute valueTop Drivers 
Managing & Organising0.310.311 
Achieving Goals & Objectives-0.240.242negative
Enterprising Qualities0.230.233 
Inductive Reasoning-0.190.194negative
People management0.180.185 
Team Player Qualities0.180.185 
Correlation grid

Sample Outcome grid of Performance Drivers

Outcomes of the Process:

  1. Talent Assessments were incorporated into the process – a Pexitics Competency Assessment link was shared with candidates who applied (even in College placement drives: Since no 2 people get the same questions and the students can take the Assessment on their phones / laptops, they were requested to complete to be shortlisted for interviews)
  2. The number of Interviews for 10 final hiring reduced from 36 to 20. Thus the Interview to Final hiring rate went up from 1: 3.6 to 1: 2 . This was a huge time saver and allowed the Business team to spend longer on each interview – thereby improving the Quality of the interview.

A small change in process enabled much better teams and made the managers feel more confident about their hiring decisions. It also helped the company to reduce Campus Recruitment cost. They started sharing the Talent Assessment link early on with the Campus Placement cell and started visiting only those Campuses where they were getting 5 or more desirable candidates. This enabled them to explore more Colleges and Universities – especially in the Tier 2 and 3 cities . A higher Locational diversity was achieved without compromising on Performance ability and Productivity.

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