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Talent: Determine| Measure & Fit | Grow

Determine which job role requires which traits the most. Not every job role requires all of it. Measure to know who suits those traits best for the role, be it a junior resource, or a leader. Uncover the best fit to hire, support and lead the team into growth and happiness. Easier said than done.. right? PexiTest is a useful tool in such a senario.

How do we do this? The very easiest and un-biased method to determine and measure talent is through Talent Assessment, which could contain 2 aspects

  • Skills or domain knowledge
  • Psychometric profile and Mindset understanding : this will include the maturity level and readiness on an emotional and mental plane to take on different managerial and leadership roles.

You can see now, how a bias of gender, age, location etc. falls to the wayside because a person who fits the level and the skills will find a way to deliver on the job requirements. Diversity is assured.

Which assessment should be used at which point??

We will agree that in Operational roles or Junior roles -where very clear goals and objectives and the emphasis is on personal performance (for example, a hiring executive, sales person , accounts clerk ) the type of assessments that are required  include

  • Competency Assessment (Junior): which measures the competency of achieving goals and objectives within the parameters of policy requirements by an organization as well as the ability to accept a command/ order and co-exist with team members.
  • Skill Assessment: Be it sales or digital marketing or operations , depending on the role function, assessment of domain function maybe judged best through an assessment.

For Mid-level managerial and Team Manager roles the competencies that become important are as follows; Workplace Management, Meeting Expectations, Team Player qualities, Analysis and Interpretation. It can be assumed that the required functional skills have been developed for a person based on relevant work experience. This is also the time when the Future Growth Potential Measurement becomes critical – to identify and groom leaders. The Type of Assessments at a Mid level executive should be undergoing are;

Industry Benchmarks are given
  • Competency Assessment (Middle): measures the level maturity needed to meet expectations like managing teams and workplace crisis as well as make operational plans by doing a certain amount of analysis of the data available hey to ensure productivity is met not only at a personal level but also at org level.
  • Cognitive Ability: helps understand the decision-making capabilities, and ability to deal with decision complexities of different kinds. This is much needed to progress into Leadership roles as well as to perform well and without stress in Mid Manager roles.
How to interpret Scores @ PexiTest

In Senior Leadership roles, 2 types of things become critical for success. Firstly, the type of leadership style that a person exhibits in different types of situations – also called the Situational Leadership Model. Secondly, if they understand a variety of skills that are used by different teams within their vertical of leadership.

Thus, a CFO is required not only to understand accounting and taxation but also to understand treasury and debt management. At this stage the type of assessments to look at would include

  • Leadership assessment: which showcases the types of roles that a person would do well in, given their individual style of leadership- overall, and in specific context of conflict management, coordination etc. This measurement helps us understand the mindset and cultural values of the leader and suggest the type of teams in which the leader would prove to be most effective.
  • Multiple Skills Understanding assessment: at this stage,  the attempt is to understand the operational knowledge of a leader across the multitude of skills present in the team that they are looking to lead. With the knowledge of these multitudes is what will enable the leader to create hey teams and guide processes effectively.

The above Assessments helps organisations to start a Data Driven culture in their organisations, and enables highly Productive teams. The Measurements from PexiTest come with Benchmarks of Industry Talent for each attribute tested – empowering you to make a conscious choice of Talent type for your organisation.

If you want to enable further transparency, these reports can be shared with Employees and a productive culture of Self Development Plans starts , creating Employee Empowerment as an Organizations’ culture.


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