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The “hire & fire” approach provides huge flexibility for the company in terms of being able to react quickly to market changes. From the organizational perspective, this is an advantageous position to be in as it follows the principle of supply and demand with regards to the employment process. It can be very cost effective.

This approach also increases staff turnover rates enormously. The turnover can lead to difficulties in managing your knowledge transfer as people leave and take their experience and insider information with them to potential competitors.

By following a fast-hiring policy, your organization can constantly look for new talent and find staff with higher qualification and better skills for specific jobs. This increases the talent pool in your organization; new people on board also bring fresh ideas and valuable experience.

Nevertheless, applicants can deceive you despite amazing CVs, qualifications, and references. Potential hires may not tell you anything about relevant soft skills, which are often the deciding factor of whether or not a team can work effectively. It takes a couple of weeks to see if necessary soft skills are demonstrated and whether or not this person is really a fit for your team.

A good solution is to use Talent Assessments from Pexitest (www.pexitest.com) and use the real time, analytics driven, peer benchmark enabled assessments to get the Right candidate at the Right price! Yes, being able to accurately predict the salary and the skills that someone will bring to the table is extremely important for a successful Hire and Fire strategy.

Interested? Chat with us at +91 734966 2322 or drop us a mail at score@pexitics.com .

The other way is to leverage the Gig economy and hire consultants. Websites like Upwork and Freelancer make this very easy . Consultants and small agencies will send you Proposals and Quotes – how do you choose if the Fees is ok ? For Technical roles, it best to look at a Skill Assessment and for Leadership roles, it is best to look at leadership assessments. Post the requirement on the websites with the link to the Assessment and request the Freelancer / Consultant to spend 20-30 minutes to apply for the role.  Armed with the Assessment results (realtime) , you are in the position to choose the optimal consultant for the role.

The assessments at Pexitest are priced between INR 600 – 1200 and make this a great way to choose smartly with the help of technology . You get your own dashboard and the power to institute your own assessments.

COVID has changed the rules of the game. Let us adopt the new rules of the game .


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